Books on the go

I like sneaking peeks at what people are reading on the subways. It’s a nice way to kill a little time on my treks to and from the city. It’s also a good way to judge people by their literary tastes, if you’re into that (and I totally am).

I’m not the only one interested in what others are reading on the subway–the New York Times had this great article about subway reading. There’s another article, somewhere, about dumping someone because you’re incompatible in terms of reading material. So really what I’m doing is like being an awesome spy/cultural observer/relationship expert. Sweet!

First “Books on the go” post, engage!
Spotted on last night’s commute back home: an older woman with a severe blond bob was reading one of the Harry Potter books. I couldn’t tell which one because I was looking directly down at her as she sat, thanks to the crush of people getting on at 59th St.
On the platform, I also saw a woman in her 20s reading Lit, by Mary Karr, and another reading Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea, by Chelsea Handler (which, okay, LOLZ!) It’s probably better than your usual celebrity memoir, but I’d still take off the book jacket…because I know there are people like me on the subways being all judgemental-like.
p.s. If anyone wants to make fun of me on the subway, I’ll let you know in advance when I’m reading the next Sookie Stackhouse book.

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