Waiting on Wednesday (a little late)…plus Books on the Go

I can’t wait to read Connie Willis’s new book, Blackout, which came out YESTERDAY and is her first book since 2002. Unhappily, it’s only the first of a two-part series–the second part of which comes out six months from now! Argh. If anyone else has read Willis’s other novels, like Doomsday Book and Passage, you’ll know that they are impossible to put down. (I was obsessive while reading Passage and read it ALL the time: on the subway, during lunch, during dinner, before bed, even in the mornings before work!) So I might have to pass on Blackout until I have the complete set. WAMP WAMP.

For a solid review of Blackout, head on over to io9. Waiting on Wednesdays are hosted by Breaking the Spine, so check that out for the scoop on other upcoming books.

Today’s Books on the Go post: Spotted a middle-aged woman in a red coat on the platform reading Lipstick Jihad. Turns out that it’s Time reporter Azadeh Moaveni’s memoir of “growing up Iranian in America and American in Iran.” Sounds interesting to me, and has an eye-catching cover to boot.


1 Response to “Waiting on Wednesday (a little late)…plus Books on the Go”

  1. 1 diane February 4, 2010 at 3:55 pm

    This Lipstick Jihad looks good to me. Thanks for stopping by today, and have fun blogging.

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