Friday Finds (Mar 26)!

 What great books did you hear about this week? Share your Friday Finds! Friday Finds is hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading.

This week, I found a graphic novel that looked really interesting to me. It’s the Scalped series, Vol. 1. Scalped doesn’t seem to pull any punches in its depiction of an American Indian reservation riddled with corruption and ruled by an evil casino owner.

The description, via Publishers Weekly:

Starred Review. Aaron’s reservation setting, described by a character in the first chapter as a third world nation in the heart of America, is perfect for a story of crime and family. Dash Bad Horse has come back to the reservation he ran away from at age 13. Now he enforces the law in a land where many have given up hope. Bad Horse is also an undercover FBI agent, put back in his home so federal authorities can take down crime boss and casino owner Lincoln Red Crow. Aaron masterfully depicts Bad Horse’s tortured split psychology. The character is tough as nails and switches quickly between displaying likable and unlikable behavior. The family dynamics, which includes Bad Horse’s activist mother and Red Crow’s wild daughter, could come off as soap opera, but Aaron knows how to use personal relationships to explain character and setting. The world of the Prairie Rose Reservation is full of life thanks to the art of Guera, somewhat in the vein of Eduardo Risso’s on 100 Bullets. His characters contain a certain amount of grace no matter how ugly the situations get. The second story collected in the book is the flashback-heavy Hoka Hey, which shows that Aaron has a complex history planned for these characters

(It’s also totally worth it to read Peter’s review of it on The Book Smugglers, which is where I found it.) What are your Friday Finds?


1 Response to “Friday Finds (Mar 26)!”

  1. 1 Missy March 26, 2010 at 8:32 am

    Wow…this sounds good!

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