My rating system for books in pretty simple. Might throw in some half stars if I’m feeling crazy.

Taglines are just me being dumb and/or funny and making up fake subheaders or movie taglines for the books I’ve read. Usually I try to summarize the book’s theme in a sentence or less while still being my witty self. In more recent entries, the books’ taglines will be quotes taken directly from the books themselves. (I just wrote my Master’s thesis and have had all my wittiness sucked out of me.)

Five out of five stars: OMG AMAZING. I love this book! One of the best books I’ve ever read. I would let this book be in a Facebook relationship with me, and even let it tag me in photos where I look gross.

Four out of five stars: Really, really, really good. Not quite one of my fav books of all time, but close. I’d read it again, and enjoy it again. This book and I are the sort of friends that can discuss bodily functions with one another without it being weird.

Three out of five stars: I genuinely liked this book! It was pleasant reading. I would recommend it to other people, maybe with a caveat or two thrown in. This book and I are friendly acquaintances who hang out once or twice every few months or so.

Two out of five stars: It was okay…not really my thing. Meh. I would let this book’s Facebook friend request languish in my inbox/purgatory forever.

One out of five stars: DO NOT WANT! I only finished reading it out of a grim and misplaced sense of duty. I don’t even have a funny example to give. Do not engage with this book.

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