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2012 Book Meme!

Here’s a fun little 2012-in-review book meme! I found it at Catherine Pope – Victorian Geek via Ruby Bastille. Links go to my reviews.

Using only books you have read this year (2012), answer these questions. Try not to repeat a book title.

Describe yourself: Bossypants (Tina Fey)

How do you feel: Divergent (Veronica Roth)

Describe where you currently live: Beyond the Wall (ed. James Lowder)

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Hyperion (Dan Simmons)

Your favorite form of transportation: White Horse (Alex Adams)

Your best friend is: An Object of Beauty (Steve Martin)

You and your friends are: The Devil All the Time (Donald Ray Pollack)

What’s the weather like: Full Dark, No Stars (Stephen King)

You fear: Disgrace (J.M Coetzee)

What is the best advice you have to give: This Love is Not for Cowards (Robert Andrew Powell)

Thought for the day: Eat the City (Robin Shulman)

How I would like to die: Blackout (Connie Willis)

My soul’s present condition: Revenge (Yoko Ogawa)

Whew. This was harder than it looks! How would you answer these questions using books you read in 2012?


Book Review: Revenge, by Yoko Ogawa

I am all about revenge lately. Or perhaps it’s better to say I’m more into revenge than usual lately, as it’s something I definitely enjoy reading about and watching. (A personality test once told me that I value justice more than mercy. Yikes!) Anyway, I’m tearing through the first season of the television show Revenge (and simultaneously chuckling at and getting engrossed in its soap opera antics) and I recently finished up two Stephen King books in which revenge is doled out to rapists and torturers (Full Dark, No Stars and Misery, respectively), so when I saw Revenge by Yoko Ogawa pop up on Netgalley, I requested it immediately. I’ve enjoyed the few Japanese novels I’ve read in the past, and a little research on Ogawa revealed that she is a prolific and well-respected author, having won the Shirley Jackson Award in 2008 and numerous other Japanese honors.


There were lots of things I liked about Revenge. As it’s subtitled Eleven Dark Tales, I was expecting a collection of scary and unrelated stories. Ogawa, however, twists our expectations of the short story format and instead allows the vignettes to build off of one another; each character is linked to another in a previous story in some significant (or insignificant) way. I really enjoyed trying to puzzle out the relationships between characters before it was revealed. I think this format allowed Ogawa to focus on the meat of each story, and to create her own closed, realistic (but slightly off) world populated by her characters. For those readers who don’t normally enjoy short stories, Revenge might be a good way to both challenge their expectations and expand their horizons!

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